Colors of Life



Siy Gallery in San Francisco will host exhibitions in the Greater Bay Area: “Colors of Life”.            Exhibition runs December 1-31, 2021

To have a colorful life, means to have a life full of ups and downs, to have experienced struggle and achievement, to have learned from failures and grown from them. A colorful life means to have lived life to the fullest, which is what we all aspire to achieve. Life is colorful in many ways. When we see through our eyes, we see the countless shades of the color wheel.

Colors of Life is an exhibit at Siy Gallery. The exhibition explores the role of color in the natural world to help us heal.  Anna Kim created paintings from the elements of nature and photographs of the bright neon colors from the lively eighties.  Richard Kim will play music from the eighties at the reception in Burlingame on December 18th to remind us of the colorful and cheerful years of the eighties. The exhibits invite visitors to discover colorful insights about how colors can heal and even help us become our greatest version. Colors and music can affect our mood and even help us in succeeding in different situations.

Anna Kim Solo exhibition will be at Siy Gallery in San Francisco in December 1-31 and the Reception December 17th 6:30pm -10 pm

Group exhibition will be at Downtown Burlingame Coconut Bay Restaurant, December 1-31, and the reception December  18th, 5pm -10pm. Meet the artists, music from the 80s starts after 7pm.

Anna Kim is a cancer survivor and artist who is an advocate for the Asian Mental Health Community. Her work are in many of the Bay Area hospitals and the new Tahanan that will bring permanent supportive housing for adults who have experienced homelessness to the SOMA District of San Francisco.  Proceeds of her work from Siy Gallery have been donated to the Asian Mental Health Community.

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