Christina Polosky

It Is What It Is - Isolation, Introspection and Divorce

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My name is Christina Helferich-Polosky. The US Army medically retired me in 2009 after I became seriously ill, later attributable to my OIF (Iraq/Kuwait in 2003) & OEF (Afghanistan in 2008) combat deployments. For years, I let my "invisible wounds" define who I was and how I saw myself: worthless. Out of that darkness, I turned to art as a way to express what I could barely say out loud—I may be wounded: but I am NOT worthless. So I went back to school as a 40+ year old BFA student and started an online art gallery ( for military and veteran artists like myself because I discovered I’m not alone. Our experiences matter, our stories matter, our art matters and they’re worthy to be heard—from the inspirational to the awful. And it’s time for our voices to be heard; therefore, the intention of my art, and the art I curate on my website, is to purposefully start a conversation—whether it’s uncomfortable for some to hear or not. So I say to you now, let’s talk.


Collage with vintage paper

12" x 9" x 1"