Susan Teare

Winner of the "Art of Healing" 2021 

Artist Statement - Susan Teare

I create emotive, primal and sensory-based experiences in spaces using a variety of materials and mediums. My art integrates the natural elements and seasons, awakening the sacred energy of the divine feminine. The lived experience is embedded, entangled and unfurled in the wind, snow, fire, rain, trees, birdsong and light. The regenerative and cyclical nature of my art connects others to our natural surroundings, creativity and community. My process contributes significantly to the work I do to increase awareness about mental health.

I have been living with yellow tulips for the past year in support of the mission of the Yellow Tulip Project to smash the stigma around mental illness. I draw, write, photograph and use other mediums to make art inspired by the tulips. I watch and document their life cycle and reflect on my own transience, mental health, positivity and hope. The founder of YTP and I are developing and implementing a mental wellness, nature-oriented art programming based on the daily creative practice of reflection and art making in log books for schools K-12.

“The purpose of a Hope Garden is to instill hope and happiness. Hope Gardens bring a community together to collectively smash the stigma associated with mental illness. After a long winter, tulips remind us of perseverance and the renewal of spring.”

To learn more about the Yellow Tulip Project Hope Gardens, visit their website here.

Susan Teare is an advocate of The yellow Tulip Project,

 which Susan has designated as her way to support Mental Health