Nancy Woods

 The name  "One of Designs - reinvented art," comes from what is produced.

Each piece is a "one off" and is utilizing something that is being re-invented. The prospect of giving something a whole new life is exciting and somehow regenerating not to mention thinking green. Creating usable art is a passion for me.
I have owned a graphics and sign studio for the past 30 years with a heavy background in graphic design. Formal education starting at The California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, ongoing education in life experience…
There is not enough color in the world is my motto.
Vibrant color and creating a touch of whimsy is key in my work. I discovered long ago that “Art” could go anywhere. Just look around, the possibilities are unlimited!


Artist Statement

I was fortunate enough to study “color” with Josef Albers at the California College of Arts and Crafts in the late 60’s giving me a firm foundation of the complexion on how color relates to every phase of life. It was almost subliminal but it formed my innate connection to color.
I create my art simply to give the viewer joy. No deep meaning, just a touch of whimsy or a stimulation of thought to a time when things were not so serious.
Most recently my art finds itself on furniture that is “repurposed” from discards of others. I reimagine, reinvent and regenerate each find to a new life. Every piece is a “one of a kind” painstakingly turned into a “usable” work of art. It’s a Green way to add spark to your environment.
We spend most of our growing up life trying to fit in. Then, much later for most, we try to distinguish ourselves from everyone else. Life is so deliberate and often a struggle. Having some fun in your house that represents your connection to the “whimsical” world is revitalizing. I love what I produce and hope it brings happiness to others. I encourage you to “connect to the child in yourself” with Courage! And most of all HAVE FUN!

Artwork to be uploaded soon.