Chris Palm


Chris had a dream on a journey back from a blinding light, and he named it TreeTalk. It was so important and captivating that he started to take those first hubris steps to bring this thing to life.

TreeTalk is a dream, a concept, a place in this world, and the next. We all have a piece of it in us. Even though we all live on different branches, at quantum level we are all vibrating on the same tree. If time and space were somehow to magically collapse and our minds were able to all become one we must ask who would we be?

In this world we lay things down and wait to see what grows. In the soil of this Earth there is magic. Little organisms, bacteria, fungus and microbes and they create dirt on that we all live. Without this this magic dust nothing grows. I am repeating a story that you already know, because it is written in your DNA. Now take the leap, and this is where TreeTalk comes to be.

As a quantum artists Chris paints with light. Using a camera he runs around catching photons, but really he is looking for signs of consciousness in everything he sees. Ten years ago he found some very mysterious, patterns emerging from the fractals within the leaves of the Choco Forest in Ecuador. That is when the trees started talking back and he began to see. Of course nothing had really changed he just released that what he was looking into was looking back at him as well.

The artifacts Chris creates are beautiful snapshots from the journeys he takes during his expeditions to converse with the trees. It may be difficult at times to see with our own eyes a level beyond our current dimension, yet that doesn’t mean it dose not exist. On the same token, if we look both far and hard enough we will find anything we might be looking for. This is a breath of quantum physics at work. To believe in anything we must close our eyes and let our minds open things up. Feelings are the only things any of us really have and that make us whole. We see with our minds, our eyes like clams just collect light and sometimes when we see too much, too often we simply close down.

Chris’ artifact are exceptional. He refers to them as teleportation of consciousness devices developed to converge a receptive viewer with the consciousness of the forest. They might look quite different every time you see them. Often faces emerge from the leaves, one of them may even be your own. For some they might even be a mirror of your family tree and your place in it. However his real art is his dirt and what he tries to grow in it. In a small plot on the coast of Ecuador where at the moment he is raising vanilla orchids and experimenting with silk worms and getting out to plant trees where ever he goes.

Gallery Representation
SIY Gallery San Fransisco

Publications of note

Photography Book- Abstractions on the Road in Asia 2005
Publication- Lenswork 79-Wild Horses 2008
Online - Lenswork Treetalk 2019


Epson global imaging award 2003

AI-AP6 2015 Cabagata -link

International: link

Color Awards 6- Clown Dates: link


SIY Gallery San Fransisco, Elements of Nature 2021 Group Show
Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital 2021 group show
United World College “TreeTalk” Sustainability Conference 2020
Anima Mundi Festival Venecie 2019 group show
Kulturschöpfer Home UpRooted Exhibition Berlin 2019 group show
B2G Gallery Singapore 2001-2004 multiple exhibitions

Currently constructing and arts exhibition space in Ayampe Ecuador the InstaGalery at the CDC

Chris Palms is an advocate of Queer Life Space. which Chris has designated as his way to support Mental Heal