Our Mission

Siy Gallery  is an art gallery and concierge service center for artists. Our mission is to help promote artists by showcasing their creativity through the media and at our boutique gallery in San Francisco. We are also connecting our artists to be advocates for the mental health nonprofit sector.  Join us in connecting the creative process of art with the community through exhibitions and workshops that promote growth and well-being.  


We represent and help promote artists working in a wide array of media, including: meditation, painting, sculpture, photography, video, music, poetry and installation; all related to supporting the healing power of art.


Nounie Siy

SIY Gallery is a contemporary art gallery reframing the perception of mental illness by exhibiting the work of professional artists alongside stories of their creative journeys.  The gallery is breaking down stigma and inspiring people to think differently about mental health. Read more



Located in San Francisco's SoMa Arts District, Siy Gallery is a salon and artists’ concierge services. We think of ourselves as advocates for the artists who show in our intimate space in the heart of San Francisco. We also provide a full range of media marketing services. Our job is to assist artists in their marketing needs. With that said, we hold a deep commitment to supporting the creative process, the artists’ individual voices and visions and the art community as a whole. It is our belief that every artist has the ability to inspire others with what they do, and we are committed to helping them communicate and interact with the media that will be positive, fulfilling and inspiring for everyone to see.

Our Team:

Nounie Siy    Founder                            nounie@siygallery.com

Abbe Braitman   Co Founder

Andrea Scrivano   IT Director                  andrea@siygallery.com

Chris Palm    Metaverse/ NFTs Director     chris@siygallery.com 

Guy Cohen   Global Marketing Director      guy@siygallery.com


As a solutions-based and results-driven concierge in today’s fast-paced marketing environment, we aim to simplify the lives of artists. By leveraging our business relationships and access to unparalleled networks, we create strategic, specialized plans to bring our artists to the next level.


The Bay Area is diverse in styles, perceptions, cultures and ideas. For all of our beautiful, energizing differences, together we make up one rich, vibrant community.