Greta Waterman


Greta has lived an adventure filled life as a model, professional merchandiser, florist, realtor, and painter

After Graduating NYU, Greta got her Masters degree at Fordham Business School. From there she moved into the exciting career of modeling, traveling far and wide for shoots in and out of the country. After her modeling career winded down, she still invlolved herself in extensive travel by becoming a professional merchandiser for a variety of clothing companies including Berkley Shirts and Bugle Boy Jeans. After settling down from her travels, Greta's creative roots could not be stymied and she opened a flower and home goods shop. Eventually, pining for the ambiance of the west coast, Greta made the move to Half Moon Bay California where she is a licensed realtor.

Throughout this whole time, Greta has never stopped painting. She has exhibited in various shows domestically (including New York, San Francisco, and Florida) as well as internationally (including Tokyo and Monte Carlo). Just as her life has gone through many different stages, her painting style has evolved and changed over the years with each new phase of her life.

Greta is also an avid tennis player, happily married, and has 2 sons, one living in Washington DC and the other in Tokyo, Japan.


Great Waterman is an advocate of California Club House of San Mateo. which Greta has designated as her way to support Mental Health