Teresa Hsu


Teresa Hsu is a watercolorist who compels art viewers to enjoy their relationship with nature. Originally from Taiwan, she has lived and studied art and design in Asia, Europe and the United States. She started drawing and painting at a very young age. She says, “It seemed easier for me to hold a paint brush than to hold my chopsticks.” Thanks to her parents who recognized her talents early on, she was given the opportunity to take lessons from many well-known watercolor artists in Taiwan. Teresa studied at Tainan University of Technology majoring in Commercial Art. Upon graduating, she worked as a textile and fabric designer for the Taiwan Textile Federation.

Shortly after her first work experience as a fabric designer, she came to the United States to study graphic design at the Art Institute of Dallas. She then worked as an illustrator and page layout designer at the Dallas Morning News. She also worked as a gift-wrap designer and in the retail graphic design industry. Eventually, she formed her own design agency in the late 80’s. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998 and continued her work here. However, In the early 2000‘s, after 20 years in the design industry, she decided to pursue a new path and become a full-time artist returning to her first passion - watercolor.

Teresa says, “The transparency and fluidity are the things I find soothing in working with watercolors, although, the medium is one of most challenging and under-appreciated.” Her years of graphic design experience has transformed her current and distinctive style of watercolor painting. “My life experiences influence the way I think and how I create. In my sometimes hectic life, I am able to escape to another world and feel the connection between my paint brushes, the paper and subjects. I paint in the moment choosing to paint things in nature that most of us often overlook.”

“Although, I am not a religious person, when I paint I feel closer to the creator and feel grateful and I hope that gratitude translates into my works. Many patrons tell me that they feel calm and peaceful whenever they look at my paintings. I hope you will agree and enjoy them as well.”