Mario Guitron

Mario “SMURKS1” Guitron

IG @smurks_1

Husband, Father, Son, Butcher and Artist. It’s hard to really define that last one. Artist. 

I mean, I paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, take interesting photos, craft things, repurpose things, decorate, organize, brighten up and display things, but lots of us do that. So what is it about all those things that I do that makes me so special? I’m not sure, but I do know that it’s in the way that I create, inspire, enjoy, dream and breathe Art and the amount of detail that I put into my work. It’s the hidden stuff, the faces in the rocks, the mountains that look like sleeping giants, the graffiti and lettering, the metaphors and meaning. There’s way more than what meets the eye. There are so many layers to the work. 

May be art of 1 person, standing and indoor

I hope to one day be able to show you how to see my work the way I do, that I may unlock the mind’s eye and force you to tap into your creative side and question the purpose in every piece and explore them in a new and exciting way.



The Savvy project IS about healing. It’s about exploring and challenging and thinking differently. It’s about taking risks. It’s about collaborating and trusting and TRYing. These creators don’t all refer to themselves as “Artists” but they are absolutely essential components of this gigantic painting that I’m making, they don’t all know that they are being seen in Art Galleries and on display at Art Shows and being shared online because people LOVE their work…. That’s what this project means to me. I get to extract the light from within and spark the imagination and set the creative passions ablaze with an urgency and eagerness to MAKE something, paint, knit, MAKE something, together. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR PROCESS, THE UNIVERSE IS THERE, so am I.

May be an illustration

Artwork to be uploaded soon.