Joshua Lehew

Ever since I was a curious kid, I’ve always had some type of camera in my hands. Being left-handed, I find myself to be more on the creative side of things. As I got older, I became more with nature and started hiking and shooting landscape photography. Landscape photography is not only my specialty, but also my passion. Whenever I go on my photography trips, I like to be alone in my own thoughts, free my mind and just live in the moment. I want people to look at my work and try to understand how many beautiful places there are out in the world to wander and be free. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, there isn’t much as far as beautiful topography is concerned. After moving out of my comfort zone, I then began to realize there is so much to see, and that in itself, inspires me to be more creative and seek out more adventures. 

Josh Lehew is an advocate of Nami of Texas which Josh has designated as his way to support Mental Health