Lindsey Morrison Grant




Wordwright, Musician and Visual Artist

Self-identifying as
a creative two-spirit,
neurodiverse elder,
works focus on creating
connection, reframing
obsolete paradigms
& offering voice to
the socially marginalized.

- Reflection
- Insight
- Compassionate
- Justice
- Racial & Gender Equity
- Accountability
- Empowerment
- Sustainability


Portrait of a Creative

Self-identifying as a neurodiverse, two-spirit, elder storyteller, Lindsey Morrison Grant is an award-winning screenwriter, poet, photographer and mixed-media artist, whose works have graced nearly 200 literary journals and/or exhibition spaces (physical and virtual) across the globe in the last four years alone. Deeply rooted in West Coast culture, they find inspiration in its majesty and diversity, as well as comfort in its inclusivity. 

In and out of decades, incarnations, recoveries, and reinventions, The Artist has worked as an educator, recreation program leader, volunteer coordinator, journalist, counselor and advocate for children, low income BIPOC communities, displaced homemakers, the elderly and the disabled. Their own personal health challenges led them to obtain a degree in social work and volunteer for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). 

They have discovered transformational and transcendental healing through artmaking. Although generally process-over-product driven, they find certain themes tend to re-emerge as works focus on creating connection, re-framing obsolete paradigms & offering voice to the socially marginalized. With their appreciation for the absurd and whimsy, they reclaim,  re-imagine, and re-purpose materials and mementos (whether digitally captured or stumbled upon) to honor those who’ve felt demeaned and discarded; whose voices have been socially, culturally and/or historically treated with disdain. In the process, Lindsey's visual and literary works are a collective choir that righteously sings out against the folly of discounting anything or anyone and lauding the glory of second chances.

For inquires regarding The Artist's works or background please contact:
Lindsey Morrison Grant,

For inquires regarding the sale or commercial licensing of works please contact:

Siy Gallery, 

Lindsey Morrison Grant is an advocate for The Quest Center for Integrative Health which is her way to support Mental Health Awareness.



 Red Bluff Art Gallery Solo Exhibit

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