Lindsey Morrison Grant




Wordwright, Musician and Visual Artist


Self-identifying as
a creative two-spirit,
neurodiverse elder,
works focus on creating
connection, reframing
obsolete paradigms
& offering voice to
the socially marginalized.


- Reflection
- Insight
- Compassionate
- Justice
- Racial & Gender Equity
- Accountability
- Empowerment
- Sustainability



Self-identifying as a neurodiverse, two-spirit, elder storyteller, Lindsey Grant is an award-winning screenwriter, poet, photographer and artist, who inherited an appreciation for storytelling from “Mom,” an avid literacy advocate. Deeply rooted in The Great Pacific Northwest, they find inspiration in both its majesty and diversity. This perspective and unadulterated immersion in the quirky lore and roar of Portlandia of The Left Coast peppers their stockpot of stories, while providing merry musings for mixed media work with reclaimed, repurposed & re-imagined materials.
While studying at The Evergreen State College near Olympia, WA a professor commended Lindsey's ability to take on a variety of styles. “You may find,” he wrote, “that what helps X, not only helps X, but Y as well.” Since that time, versatility and balance in creative expression, whether in words, sounds or images, have been the bulwark of success, if not a necessity for survival.

Percentage of Siy Gallery’s service fees will go towards which Lindsey has designated as her way to support Mental Health