Non Profit Organizations

Our founder and abbot, Rebecca Nie, has been active in Stanford’s Buddhist ministries since when she was a graduate student at the institution. She is now Stanford University’s Buddhist Chaplain-Affiliate and the acting minister of Zen Buddhism through the Stanford Associated Religions. She teaches regular group meditation sessions and offers one-on-one dharma interviews through Stanford Zen Society (SZS) and is in the process of turning her offerings at Stanford into digital format for greater community. Here are some of her talks on her spiritual path and Bodhicitta, the calling of enlightenment.

We’re on a mission to get people on the path back home.
Currently there are 653,100 people unhoused in the United States. 181,399 in California, 35,000 in the Bay Area, 9,747 in Alameda County, and 1,057 people who are houseless right here in Berkeley. Chronic and temporary homelessness are massive issues. We’re working to change that.

Our Clubhouse offers hope, encouragement and opportunities to people who live with mental illness.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing integrative healthcare services, community, and education to all people seeking a wellness-focused approach to living.

Get Volunteering was created in response to the 2008 financial crisis as a volunteer group. Our focus is on helping the community with a special emphasis on critical needs. We organize via Meetup to serve the most vulnerable areas in our community across the Bay Area.