Marianna Kiraly

I'm a neuroscientist passionate about innovation, art, mental health, and drug discovery. As an artist, my goal is to share my visual stories and to connect with my audience through creativity.

I invite viewers to gaze deeply within their consciousness and hearts.​ My encaustic paintings are inspired by psychology (I use art as an emotional outlet - to me it serves as a substitute for journaling), novel techniques, and the desire to play with mind-stretching associations. My art practice is a deeply personal process that dances at the edge of real and imagined existence.​

My inner conflict between my scientific thinking and my emotional world is expressed through surrealism. I enjoy discovering exciting new ways for self-expression via layering the molten semi-transparent wax-based encaustic medium using fire (the flame of a blow torch), sculpting the material, playing with its opacity, depth and color fusion. My curious nature has led me to continue expanding my palette of artistic tricks - learned by my own unique experimental innovations - such as the diffusion of pigment powder, colored sand and the inclusion of magnets, mirrors, and various other objects to achieve certain visual effects. As an artist, my studio is my sanctuary where I can process the harshness of the real world and feel connected with myself and with nature.

I participated in a variety of exhibitions including the Abrams Claghorn Gallery’s Emerging Artist Program, Stanford University’s ArtX events, the Human Brain Expo at UC Berkeley, Las Lagunas Gallery, ShockBoxx Gallery, the Itsliquid Group’s annual show in Venice (Italy), and various online art gallery platforms.

I have acquired a Master’s degree in Bioengineering (2007) and a PhD in Neuroscience (2010). After spending ten years as a basic Research Scientist at Stanford University, I moved on to the private sector. Currently I hold a leadership (Head of R&D) position at a pharmaceutical startup company that develops novel therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and brain cancer.

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