Spencer Keeton Cunningham


Spencer Keeton Cunningham is a contemporary artist who has been exhibiting in museums and galleries for the past 18 years. He has exhibited at the Wenying Highland Art Museum in China, The Crocker Museum, The Autry Museum in Los Angeles, as well as Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, New York, Oakland, San Francisco, Hawaii, Tasmania, Amsterdam, Miami, Alaska, Seattle, Toronto, & British Columbia. Cunningham's work can be found in the permanent collection of the Berkeley Art Museum and was inducted into the World Congress of Art History in Bejing China by Art Historian Elaine O'Brien. Cunningham is currently in the exhibit “When I remember I See Red” in the Autry Museum currently on view in LA until January 2022. The exhibit was 25 years in the curation and features the work of Fritz Scholder, James Luna and many other great contemporary Indigenous Artists of the past century. “Cunningham uses his art to address Indigenous issues, environmental conditions —his work speaks to Indigenous rights/identity/commodification but also to environmental issues, endangered species, social justice” -Autry Museum (https://theautry.org/node/11961)



Artwork to be uploaded soon.