Membership and Exhibition Enquiries




Statement of Mission and Process


Siy Gallery  is an art gallery and concierge service center for artists. Our mission is to help promote artists by showcasing their creativity through the media and at our boutique gallery in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. We are also connecting our artists to be advocates for the mental health nonprofit sector.

Membership and Exhibition Enquiries

If you wish to be considered by the Siy Gallery, please submit the following information:

  • Statement of intent
  • Credentials regarding art and mental health, including education
  • Art resume (website, solo and group exhibitions, social media)
  • Relevant images

  • After our curatorial and marketing team evaluate all of your information, we may contact you for a phone interview.

    (When the SIY Gallery offers an exhibition opportunity, the expenses involved - gallery space, publicity, on-line promotion, printing, and concierge services, and mentorship for artists entering the field - will be discussed in advance before you join us.)


    Please download this form to your computer; fill it out and save it. You will then be able to attach it to an email and submit it with relevant attachments.

    FULL NAME: _________________________ 

    EMAIL: _______________________________ 

    MAILING ADDRESS (with ZIP CODE) ______________________________________________ 

    DAY PHONE: ____________________ 

    WEBSITE: __________________________________ 

    PRIMARY MEDIA: ______________________________________________________________

    MEMBERSHIP DUE $999– Membership duration is for one year.


    Exhibition Plans (please inquire service fees for solo exhibition)

    Options for exhibitions are for San Francisco, Burlingame, San Bruno, Belmont or Sonoma CA.

    1 month exhibition in Siy Gallery (San Francisco) 

    1.5 months exhibition in Siy Gallery (San Francisco) 

    2 months exhibition in Siy Gallery (San Francisco)

    Online Exhibition (please inquire service fees for online exhibition)

    The exhibitions will be shared in our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

     exhibition opportunity must be submitted for Siy Gallery to be approved for showing


    BIOGRAPHICAL STATEMENT – For exhibiting members, a biographical statement is required and will be published on our website. This is not a resume. Please write in third person, use full sentences, include something of your art background, training and particular focus. Include any awards or special recognition. Please limit it to the space below. Please send a headshot or relevant photo of you working or with your artwork if you like. It will probably be easier to complete your bio in a text file on your computer first, then copy and paste it here.

    Attaching photo: 

    FINAL DETAILS – if you do not have a website where we can review your work, please attach a single page with at least four digital samples of work you completed within the last two years. Place make sure they are large enough to see clearly. Feel free to add brief annotations to each image. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON THE IMAGE PAGE in case it becomes separated from the application. Please indicate below how you will submit art samples:

    __ My website as indicated on page 1

     __ Sending page of images

    *The Gallery retains a 40% service fee on the sale of each piece of artwork which includes. The gallery has permission to use artist work for marketing and social media platforms. Please indicate below that you agree to this service fee schedule.

    __ I agree with the service fee and any marketing artwork.


    You may email the application and attachment(s) to:


    If you have any questions about the organization or membership, please contact us at 415.275.2066 or send us an email at