Nounie Siy


SIY Gallery is a contemporary art gallery reframing the perception of mental illness by exhibiting the work of professional artists alongside stories of their creative journeys.  The gallery is breaking down stigma and inspiring people to think differently about mental health.

Located in San Francisco CA SoMa Art district, it was founded in January 2020 by Nounie Siy who have lost a love one from mental illness. After experiencing this overwhelming trauma and witnessing the negative perception many have regarding mental illness, she began hearing similar stories from her artist friends of others faced with the same stigma.. 

Concurrently, she was amazed by the creativity that existed in the art community.  She opened the gallery to use this creativity to start a positive conversation and health and wellness programs around mental health to fight the negative portrayal that so frequently exists.  She hopes it empowers people to tell their story and look at mental health in a different way.  Everyone has a mental health; just as everyone has a physical health.  So, why are we afraid to talk about it?

With the artwork it features, SG has become known as an inspirational  support center situated in the cultural art district of San Francisco, CA and does many satellite exhibitions in the greater San Francisco greater Bay Area.  

Nounie believes that working together the landscape of mental health can be one of hope, dreams, and believing in a more accepting world.

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to various organizations also focused on creating awareness and ending the stigma of mental illness.

Hope you come visit us soon!