Liza Connell

Self Port

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Addiction is a mental health issue that can bring devastation to the person affected, as well as to their family. Society stereotypes addiction in general and sex/porn addiction is the one that brings about the most embarrassment and shame. The only way to prevent the spread of porn-related problems is for people to be informed and to get help early, and for society to be alert to the problems. There is a great need for our society to start addressing sex addiction and pornography problems with the same kind of shame-free directness with which we've learned to tackle other public health concerns, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, domestic violence, and drug abuse.

I am the wife of a sex and pornography addict. I create collages that represent what my life is like being married to a sex and pornography addict and the shock that comes along with discovering the hidden life he was living. This is the first in a series of 3.

36" x 24" x 2"