Spencer Keeton Cunningham Exhibition


Now more than ever, around the world, people are displaced - fleeing their homes, their culture, chaos and destruction, the devastation wrought by the Covid pandemic, - seeking safety. 

Spencer Keeton Cunningham, currently based in San Francisco, addresses these issues and their effect on Western culture in his Siy Gallery exhibition “Displaced”, opening July 1, 2021                  .

Cunningham is entitled to focus on the stresses and tragedies of physical and cultural displacement.  His American Indian heritage originates with the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in northeastern Washington State, tribes that were forced out of their historic lands – displaced - and confined to a portion of eastern Washington north of Coulee Dam.  

“Confederated Tribes” refers to the twelve tribes that were forcibly evicted from their historic lands and confined to  a reservation – twelve tribes, each with its own language and customs.  Displaced.

Cunningham’s  work takes multiple forms: huge murals on buildings,  interior walls, and frame-able  paintings.  He exhibits internationally and is represented in multiple museum collections.

His personal heritage is one-fourth Colville, and he co-founded the Indigenous Arts Coalition in San Francisco.


Artwork to be uploaded soon.