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"fever dream" by Sofos Reasby.

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Acrylic paint. 10' x 5' x 4"

Description: For an article on how REM sleep works and what it does to the human body.

Artist Statement: As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings, murals, and illustrations that speak both to me and others about life, politics, or other important current events in life. I believe it is an illustrator's job to help express feelings, emotions, and the stories of important current events the way that a news outlet or reading could not do otherwise. Part of my process before I begin painting is to read and research as much as I can about the specific topic/ painting at hand. There is too much misinformation in the age of information. Artists play an important role in educating the general public. I think people often underestimate the influence and power of a well-made image. There is a reason why governments in the age of world war one and two spent so much money on art on military facilities, airplanes, trucks, or even propaganda. A good illustration can move the hearts of people.