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"Reflections and Pause" by Durba Sen

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Acrylic on canvas. 20" x 20" x 1.5"

Description: Reflections and Pause is an abstract expressionistic painting. Vibrant colors and shapes draw one's attention to life, precious moments, times and people. A time to pause and reflect on what to hold on to, and the things to let go. Celebrating life through color, hope and promise for a better future.

Artist Statement: 2020 has been an anomaly to say the least! Shelter in place due to the covid-19, isolating from friends and family, dealing with isolation, depression, a sense of fatigue and helplessness has affected us all in various ways. For me, trying to maintain a daily schedule at home, have a daily exercise regimen, keeping in touch through zoom, and painting, sketching or doodling at least every other day has kept me sane and motivated! Vibrant colors have always attracted me, more so now. I have turned to bright, glorious colors and happy, celebratory themes in life to keep me optimistic and tide over this period of darkness. The paintings have brought into focus what is important, to reflect and ponder, to cherish life and it's little moments we take for granted. The fires burning now and the resulting smoke combined with the isolation has brought this more into focus. My vibrant paintings are both a refuge and a retreat from this to happier times, celebrating life and cherishing moments!