Heart Sutra




February 3rd screening of "Heart Sutra" will start at our atelier showroom suite 247 at the Tanforan Mall second floor next to Target.  Address is 1150 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA. Please stop by starting at 5pm to get free limited tickets at suite 247 to the private screening that will start at 7 pm at suite 287 and Q & A session will be after with artist Rebecca Nie. For any questions please contact us at 650-465-6049




Heart Sutra is an augmented-reality (AR) musical expression of the most widely recited wisdom-healing texts. It explores technology, heritage, and meaningful transformations of historical public spaces through new media art. It is the winner of Best New Media Art of the 2023 Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Hollywood. The piece also won Best Director and Best Experimental Shorts of Cuckoo International Film Awards at Chennai's S. A. College of Arts & Science. In addition to having its process published by two peer-reviewed academic publications, Heart Sutra is featured by multiple film festivals and renowned global computer science conferences such as the 2023 LA Independent Women Film Awards, Toronto International Women Film Festival, 2022 Earth Day Art Model Festival, 2022 Berlin Art Film Festival, The Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) 2022 National Conference, and 2023 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC). 

Leveraging video-mapping and network music technologies to augment the physical neoclassical architecture and traditional stained-glass art at Stanford University's historical monument with data-driven dynamic visual art, this ephemeral AR installation pushes boundaries in music and visual art through computer music and algorithms to revitalize the impact of ancient ritualistic art for the contemporary world. Its musical director is Prof. Jiayue Cecilia Wu, a voting member of the Grammys and previously an executive of Universal Studio's East Asian music department. Integrating Korean and Japanese chanting traditions, as well as electroacoustic music and network audio technology, Heart Sutra draws upon vocalism, drumming, architecture, ink art, and figurative paintings. Classically trained in these traditions, the artists intentionally transpose these expressions with algorithm-driven futuristic visual dynamics and technology-packed music techniques. The sophisticated audiovisual spectrums and compositional structure express and explore no-duality in the digital age. Meanwhile, the voices of the sacred feminine are amplified by empowering the female musicians to chant first at the beginning of the piece, opening the sonic space. Led by the soprano, the chant from South Korea's UNESCO heritage site, Tongdosa, concludes the piece. 

The real-time processed visuals are designed and developed with audio-driven GPU algorithms inspired by the intricacy of life and our human experiences. The portrait of the feminine symbol of love and compassion is inspired by an early 12th-century Bengali painting of goddess Avalokiteśvara, also known as Guan Yin, and created by one of the yogic tradition's few heiresses. Altogether, this AR piece empowers women and incorporates layers of cultural nuances and historical symbolism. It intentionally integrates and respectfully subverts the religious art at the heritage site to guide the audience to face humanity's complicated past and beckon them to co-create a future of healing and wisdom. 


Rebecca Nie is an award-winning new media artist, published author, and spiritual advisor who lives and works in Northern California. As a contemporary heir of one of the world's oldest living mystic orders, she creates to artistically aid the audience in connecting with their subconsciousness and intuition. By doing so, Nie hopes to invite the audience to directly experience the sublime and tap into the profound healing wisdom innate to every human being. The inspiration for Nie's works comes from her inner work, global adventures, and attainment in diverse disciplines. Nie spent over a decade rigorously studying classical representational artmaking and attended college-level classes at art institutions throughout her formal education. In parallel, Nie intentionally expanded her horizon and added depth to her investigation of lights, colors, and forms by studying them from scientific perspectives. She attended the University of Toronto and graduated as a high-distinction scholar with dual degrees specializing in quantum optics and mathematics. Nie subsequently graduated from Stanford University with a graduate degree in applied physics. Another dimension of depth in Nie's art comes from her training and dedication to engaged mysticism. Nie's art and introspections are an integrated whole: she lets go of her limited self to allow the lines, colors, and textures to come forth from a mystical center in her being and knows that it is the source through which we are all connected. When not creating art, Nie can be found developing algorithms that interlace mathematical and artistic beauty, translating ancient texts, or practicing Zen yoga, which Nie learned by the Ganges River and in China's sacred mountains.