'Find Your Own Space: Yellow Tulip Project' -Susan Teare

In mid-March of 2020, pandemic lockdowns caused people around the globe to shut their doors and spend more time inside. Schools and offices went remote, Zoom meetings became an everyday occurrence, and families and loved ones were spending more time together in their homes. For the Teare’s, that was no different.

The installation, titled “Find Your Own Space,” consists of nine silk panels, printed by Cone Editions Press in East Topsham, Vermont. Susan photographed doors and entryways on the first floor in their home and printed each one of them on silk fabric, to essentially reconstruct the layout of their home. Collaborating with Kirk, they designed and planned polycarbonate and stainless steel structures to frame and house the silk pieces within. They worked closely with Vermont Plastics Specialty, Inc. on the selection of the polycarbonate. Then, they installed the pieces into the landscape at the Lemon Fair Sculpture Park.

Susan Teare’s art comprised of photographs, prints and paintings, offer viewers unique insight into her world.  Her solo exhibition in San Francisco’s Siy Gallery is on view from June 1 to June 30, 2023.  

An enthusiastic gardener (in Vermont), Teare found her inspiration for the Siy Gallery exhibition in her own garden, where she plants tulips and records their life cycles and regeneration. Her images are soft and clear, suggestive, interactive, and provocative, tempting the viewer to look further and consider the intent. 

“The purpose of a Hope Garden is to instill hope and happiness. Hope Gardens bring a community together to collectively smash the stigma associated with mental illness. After a long winter, tulips remind us of perseverance and the renewal of spring.”  https://theyellowtulipproject.org/

Teare is an active supporter of the Yellow Tulip Project, providing “hope, health, and support” for children and adults – especially children – whose lives are affected by mental health issues. She has volunteered at her local Vermont hospital in a program titled, Art from the Heart through Burlington City Arts. After making creative projects with kids in the program, she and her Newfoundland, Ali, visited the same hospital for the next few years doing pet therapy. Teare has also assisted with adaptive ski instruction and has mentored local (Vermont) high school students in photography.

Meet artist Susan Teare in person at our private reception Saturday, June 17th, 4pm-7pm 2023 RSVP 415-275-2066