A New Solo exhibition by Greta Waterman on Cubistic Fauvism Women Challenges the Movement’s Reputation of Being a Boy’s Club by Shining a Light on Its Overlooked Women in Art.

The show, which is on view November 1-30,, seeks to challenge the conventional understanding of Cubism and Fauvism as a boy’s club. It highlights the experiences of the friendships of women as Greta combines the Fauvist and Cubistic themes into her own interpretation and unique style.  

Exhibition Dates: November 1-30, 2023    by appointments (415) 275-2066

Reception Dates: November 11-12 1pm-4pm Sat & Sun Open House        

At SF Gallery Saturday / Nov 11:  private art reception  4-6pm                                  

At Salon in San Francisco: Sunday Nov 12:  artist  talk/demo/workshop  5-7pm

Exhibition Location: SIY Gallery San Francisco 1026 Folsom St / SOMA and also i beautiful downtown Burlingame at Coconut Bay Restaurant 1107 Howard ave Burlingame CA