Meditative Movements

Zach Ma:  Meditative Movements

"Art is not made, but evolves, as in becomes." -Zach Ma 

October 1st - November 9th, 2022

A series of abstract mindfulness paintings focus on our exhibition created by Chinese-American and Bay Area artist Zach Ma.

Artist's Reception Sunday, October 9th, 2022 1pm- 4pm with Tai Chi Demonstration at our Atelier Showroom, at The Shops at Tanforan                                                                 1150 El Camino Real, Suite 247 San Bruno CA

The art in Zach’s Meditative Movements has infinite layers. From exploring ongoing issues such as climate change, the pandemic, and even his cultural background, Zach’s work symbolizes the struggles we have gone through during these heavy times all the while balancing mental health. 

Tai Chi is another form of liberation. Ever since he was certified in 1980, Zach has been determined to reach people through all forms of meditation. Though he is a man of many passions and talents, Tai Chi and art are the two main forms of stress relief, and to be able to intertwine those two passions and talents has been a one of a kind journey. Starting a piece with a few ideas in mind eventually evolves into an slightly otherworldly and unpredictable approach. His work is always and forever evolving. From bold statements and colors to subtle brush strokes, his art speaks for itself and suggests endless possibilities. 

Zach has broken all the rules when it comes to his strict cultural background and as an artist.

His art signifies liberation yet explores the puzzling day to day struggles we don’t seem to convey to the outside world. To him, art is the freedom in which we long for. For it is in the bittersweet moments of our lives that motivate us to do better, and to seek a better world.

Zach currently teaches private and public classes at Fort Mason and the San Francisco Bay Club. 

Zach Ma is an Asian American Artist and Tai Chi Teacher living in California.  Zach earned a BFA  in 1981 with a MFA with Honors 1983 from the San Francisco Art Institute.  He also studied acupuncture at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncture, in combination with other mental health treatments, can be a valuable tool in helping individuals manage and relieve mental health symptoms.

He studied Tai Chi with Grand Master Doc-Fai Wong, and Qigong with Professor Peng Si Yu. Zach was certified in 1980 by the Tai Chi World Federation, and has won many national and international competitions.  He’s been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong classes in the Bay Area over forty years.  Currently he holds classes at Fort Mason, the San Francisco Bay Club and private lessons.