Mystic Landscape - Group Exhibition

What this exhibit does is to showcase the Siy gallery artists who were heading into the context and searching for something more profound- positing the idea of mysticism and spirituality in fine art.

The exhibit re-examines artists' works within the context of this deeper spiritual meaning. The curation felt very natural and free-flowing, building with each artwork into a symphony of spiritual awakening as you contemplate the very essence of life.

Participating artists from Siy Gallery:

Anna Kim
Chris Palm
Dick Termes
Greta Waterman
Josh Lehew
Lindsey Morrison Grant
Lissa Starnes
Mary Curtis Ratcliff
Myles Kleinfeld
Neil Murphy
Rebecca Nie
Ruth Waters
Susan Teare
Nancy Woods

Opening reception will be at our satellite location in the Dogpatch Historical District 

April 2nd 4pm - 10pm @ 1409 Indiana St. San Francisco, CA 94107

We will adding a call for outside artists to join this exhibition this summer.