Mystic Landscape

Paintings by Rebecca Nie


Flow, transition, and dynamism are the underlying commonalities for the abstracted landscapes in the Mystic Landscape solo exhibition by Zen Master Rebecca Nie, who traces her lineage of awakening to the historical Buddha through 80 generations of enlightened minds. 

The energetic pattern of flowing lines calls forth the resemblance between the mental and emotional states the artist experiences intimately in Zen practice and the crashing waves along the Northern California Coast. 

 Z.M. Nie walks along the shores of California to create representations of its charismatic and vulnerable coastline in digital ink. She then integrates her meditation, experiences at the scene, and the lines and colors of the en plein air work into the paintings in her studio. These abstracted landscape paintings invite the viewers to mystical encounters that explore their innate enlightened mind flowing from prehistory through the present day and into the future. 

Art is a powerful language that can communicate with and inspire the subconscious mind to elevate our whole being into states of heightened awareness and possibilities. Z.M. Nie’s meditative paintings draw upon the rich heritage of East Asian spirituality and landscapes but expand the traditions with abstraction and skilled exploration of texture-rich Western techniques in acrylic and mixed-media.

The calligraphical lines in these metaphor-laden paintings invite their beholders into the Zen Master’s deep contemplation. It beckons the viewers to let their hearts meander and explore the ever-changing paths their minds and emotions follow. The time-tested Buddhist tradition teaches that by intimately understanding these paths and their patterns, anyone can connect with the sacredness of their ordinary life and find healing in their own essence. 

The universe is constantly changing, but the rapidly shifting realities of these recent years make the fact more poignant and our day-to-day life more unsettled. The earth is moving right beneath our feet, both literally and metaphorically. The works in Mystic Landscape are artistic chants of wisdom and transcendence for all who suffer in this unpredictable world. They are also calling for all of their beholders to explore the paths of their hearts and ignite their full human potential.


Rebecca Nie "Mystic Landscape"

March 1- April 30 2022 - 2d exhibition at Coconut Bay Restaurant 1107 Howard Ave, Burlingame, CA 

April 1- April 30 - Immersive solo exhibition at Siy Gallery 1026 Folsom SF, CA 94103