Out of Balance

The Peninsula Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art is in support of May mental health awareness month. Members are committed to taking the responsibility to seek solutions through education and supporting May mental health awareness month. CWA seek a world where all can live without fear and have hope.

May be art 

Ever feel like you are hanging on by a thread?  Looking for solid ground?  Wanting to be
on an even keel but you are teetering tottering and spinning your wheels. Whether it’s
the world, your local community, or yourself, here is an opportunity to present your
interpretation of “Out of Balance”.

May be art

The exhibition of 2-D and 3D artwork will be on display at the SIY Gallery atelier showroom at the mall of Tanforan.
Complex, San Bruno, May 1-31, 2023. A reception will take place on Saturday May 13th from 4pm -7pm
Please call 415 275-2066 for appointments to see this special exhibition

May be art

This exhibition accepted 2-D and 3-D work by members of the WCA, Peninsula

May be an illustration

Exhibiting CWA artists:

Lynn Aisawa,

Zdenka Bleile

Lisa Evens,

Stacy Gregory

Rose Hagan

Marilynn Host

Tanya Lin

Yvonne Newhouse

Deanna Taubman

Greta Waterman

Donna Wocher

Marion Yap

Rachel Tirosh

Martha Diaz

Tanya Momi

Marlene Mandelartz-Cohen

Noemi Manero


Artwork to be uploaded soon.