The Art For Healing Winners Exhibition

1st Place Artist of the "Art of Healing": Guy Cohen

I have the impression that my own soul merges with the stone I am carving and becomes a greater self, true nature.  I am able to remove all undesirable thoughts and tendencies and I project into my sculptures a dimension of my senses and feelings in a very organic way that imbues my art with a remarkable wisdom, wholeness, peace and fulfillment. 

I enjoy sculpture the most. I can see the whole universe in each piece. I enter in a relationship with each piece and through distinct phases we explore together the depth and quality and the wholeness of our relationship.
The universe reflects my motives with the utmost precision, and I have to be honest to myself and others.

May be art of 1 person and text that says '2nd Place winner Mario Guitron PMG'

2nd Place Artist of the "Art of Healing": Mario Guitron

Once I started with my first piece “Aqui Solito” the “ReSURFace” series was born. This series is my most beloved because of what it took for me to produce it and most importantly how it set my soul on fire! I cannot stop producing now because I switched my mental state into seeing the opportunities and possibilities and use my creative process as a form of meditation to soothe my soul and appease my hyperactive creative glands. 

In most of the art you will find hidden items or faces, this is from a study I did on Pareidolia, the science behind seeing faces in things, like coral or rocks in my work. I use it as a tool to connect with the viewer in an effort to give my art a little more worth. Usually I will include some words or initials or graffiti into each piece to give it a “wow factor!” My art is more than meets the eye. 

May be art of 1 person and text that says '3rd Place Winner Leah Newton'
3rd Place Artist of the "Art of Healing": Leah Newton

As an artist, I love having the ability to take a moment and freeze it in time on canvas in a way that continues to feel like it is a living tangible moment.  I go into the natural world and seek out a magical relationship with light and how it is reflected in or on its environment.  I take a photograph of this moment and then reproduce it so that you may find yourself feeling like you are in that experience, witnessing it for the first time.  I strive to capture details and colors that created the energy I was connected to when I first experienced the moment.  I enjoy the challenge of working with acrylic paints in order to create movement on my canvas.  

I believe art only really requires the desire to create and believing you can.  My personal goal is to change this often heard statement, “I am not creative.” I believe we are all creative in some capacity. While I may not be a gifted singer, (actually I have a degree in dance and I love to paint but please do not ask me to sing ) but I am a creative person because I am a human.  As humans, we have the ability to imagine, and create, and innovate. We need architects, doctors, inventors, landscapers – all kinds of people, in all kinds of careers, to think creatively.  Being creative is not just about drawing and painting.  It is about bringing something new into being that you made from your personal vision.  I love being able to give my students this gift of confidence.

Siy Gallery of San Francisco will host exhibitions for artist Guy Clement Cohen, Mario Guitron, Leah Newton in the Greater Bay Area: “The Art For Healing”.            

Exhibition Dates: Jan 15th - April 2nd 2023 at our Atelier Showroom in San Bruno              1150 El Camino Real Suite 247

Reception Sunday April 2nd 4pm- 7pm at Siy Gallery Atelier Showroom at 1150 El Camino Real Suite 247 San Bruno, CA

Gallery Hours: by appointments only 415-275-2066