Siy Gallery Artist Program

1 - Please send a request for the contract to sign with Siy Gallery to start selling your products in our platform by sending an email to

please follow up with the next steps only after signing the contract


2 - Send us an email to with your Artist Statement and 2 pictures of yours that will be used in your Siy Gallery Artist Page. Also let us know in which states you want to sell your artwork and the no profit organization where you want Siy Gallery to donate the 10% of the purchase

3 - Use this link ( to submit the 5 artwork pieces that you would like to sell on Siy Gallery with price and dimensions.


Note: remember that Siy Gallery will retain 50% of the artwork purchase and that the shipping commissions are charged to you as artist, so please consider those aspects while defining the artwork price.


When someone purchase your work we will contact you with the shipping address and you will be in charge of the shipping. After you ship please let us know the tracking number of the package and the carrier used so we can notify the client that the artwork is been shipped and s/he can track it.


for any other questions please contact us on or