Minami Oya

Energy Portraiture in Black and White No.33

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6" x 6" x 1.5"
Statement: Energy Portraiture in Black and White: Space Between Extremes This body of work is a catalogue of impressions observed within the climate of the human experience. In a constant state of flux, energy balances and flows from one place to another, transpires, and circles back on itself. Energy is observable as it changes in phase and character, though the face of these energies are unidentifiable as distinct entities. In this series, I work to capture a variety of energy interactions in abstract sculptural forms.  No. 33 in particular resembles a transitional state of mind I observed in my late grandmother who suffered from dementia. I witnessed her as she passed through a membrane that separated the consciousness of this world from another. She could travel freely, back and forth. Although desperately curious, she could only show me vague silhouettes and reflections.