Michael Endicott

I am Here

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Adrift? For too many, the sense of isolation can be a complete block to keep participating fully or, even a little, in life. All of us in this time of Covid have sensed some form of isolation, but has it made us more aware of those around us who felt shutout or lost even before the pandemic? "Aloneness" can be self imposed, but it is also facilitated by us just not being "available" to those unable to cast a long enough line for help. "I am Here" asks the viewer to place themselves in one of four places in the photograph, and, depending on the viewer's emotional state, the piece will either appear optimistic or pessimistic from each of those distances.The art is a meditative reminder to us to be sure that people in our social circles know we are available to listen, and making sure they feel comfortable casting a line to us and moor up. Or if we are the ones needing to be heard, to believe it is okay to cast the line.


30" x 24"