Tristan Partridge

It Only Appears That Way On The Surface

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11" x 17" x 0"
Statement: My photographic work documents individual and collective efforts to maintain connectedness (with place and with each other). Such actions seek to strengthen relationships of wholeness and community - exploring ways to heal the diverse forms of trauma that are inflicted by dominant patterns of violence and exploitation around the world. The submitted piece concerns water; it is also a particularly personal piece of work: Water reminds us to occasionally be still. Even agitated water can become so still that it reflects back the beauty of the world. I seek that calmness; I want to share that beauty with people close to me. But a calm surface can also mislead. My own grieving process continues to be marked by increased anxiety. I tend to keep this to myself, beneath the surface. As I confront this, and as I try to connect more deeply with others, water reminds me to distinguish between the reflection and the surface - since a true reflection shows us what is really there.