Chris Palm


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24" x 36" x .1"
Statement: I am a forest photographer taking pictures primarily of trees.I,myself also have some special needs.My mobility is hindered by a clubbed foot that has been surgically corrected but my cure came with arterial disease.I have to stay active and move around or my entire world falls apart;mental and fiscal afflictions abound.The artifacts I produce are representation of both myself and my journey through this metaphysical world.I walk and move around as much as I am able.At times my journey feels like a quantum leap,the more I move the more I am able. If the machine stops and stands idle for too long,little by little tissue starts to die and my existential world begins to fall apart.In my manic bouncing abound this earth I discovered the forest and made a magical connection there.The forest has this amazing ability to regenerate.Cycles of growth and retreat over a timescale we humans are not able see. Somewhere in this either I was fortunate enough to encounter the consciousness of trees.