Kristen Brown

Versions of Truth Winner of the "Elements of Nature"

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36" x 24" x 2"
Statement: While attempting to organize and regain association with particular memories, these works explore themes of dissociation, trauma, memory, and truth. Blurred, slightly distorted, and overlapping images embody a disruption in the way traumatic events are processed, resembling the act of sorting through memories that feel fragmented or scattered. Memory is not always coherent or a continuous record of something that happened; every individual has different versions of past experiences, and moments can often become blurred or distant. My works express the slipperiness of questioned or manipulated memories, as well as the anxiety and altered perception of reality that occurs when a memory landmark cannot be secured or properly categorized. In an effort to regain loses in fluidity, resilience, and the normal capacity to organize particular and dissociated memories, these works capture the transitory nature of our experiences, portraying the impact of past moments and people.