Artist Spotlight: Zach Ma

Interview with the Artist: Zach Ma


How does your work tie in with your cultural background and mental health?


“Painting is very therapeutic for me; it connects me with the real world where answers to my questions are not always obvious.  In painting I am living another life by experiencing changes.  The end results are often surprising, and I like surprises.”




We’ve noticed that the color blue is a recurring theme in your work.  Why is that, and what draws you to this color?


“Blue is a meditative color for me.  It is also my favorite color.  Other colors evoke different emotions, but blue is very calming and mysterious.  I identify strongly with the color blue.”




What is your most notable piece, and why?  Is it also your favorite piece?  If not; what is?


“Out of the Blue” was a Genesis piece for me.  It allowed me to work through changes to a complete thought.  My favorite piece is always my latest painting.  Painting is a journey, and I always enjoy thinking about how I arrived.”



Being an abstract expressionist means you are able to deliver all types of emotions through your work.  What do you hope your work does for people?  Do you think your perception of your art is similar to how it is perceived?  Does this even matter?


“Abstract art to me is basically the non-representation of an object.  It is about freedom.  I’ve heard it spoken about my art that my paintings speak to the viewers.  I think when that happens it is because of an innate recognition of the same artistic relationships of color and line I am trying to purvey.

My paintings are really reflective of the life around me.  I try to make my sensations of my real world visible to others.”



What inspired you to make a lifelong study of Tai Chi?



“When you study Tai Chi you strive for perfection, but it is always one step ahead.  It is about adapting to changes, which is consistent with my goal in life.”



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