Made With Serendipity: Dedicated to Ruth Waters


"Exploring the human condition – how we relate to ourselves and to others – has been the major focus of my work for more than 50 years, and will no doubt continue to absorb me.  The possibilities for visual commentary on existence and relationships are infinite, not only in subjective content but in the range of stylistic interpretation"-Ruth Waters

Made With Serendipity

Even in challenging and unusual times, there is much to be grateful for. Artists from our community are gathering for this very special exhibition, "Made With Serendipity," in loving dedication for the amazing artist and community leader Ruth Waters.  It is good fortune that we have her community from the greater Bay Area, Vermont, South Dakota, Portland, Texas and Ecuador coming together showcasing their work in honor of Ruth. Ruth always believed in serendipity in life.

Sixty-five years in sculpture and forty-five years in arts administration have come together for Ruth Waters, founder and executive director of the Peninsula Museum of Art, which was located in Burlingame,   serving the Greater Bay Area. A Seattle native, Waters graduated from Stanford University in 1955 and started working in hardwoods in 1957 (her mediums now include bronze, marble, constructed room-size sculpture, and painting). Founder and director of the 1870 Art Center in Belmont (1977 – 2012), she was also founder of the Peninsula Chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art, co-founder of the Peninsula Sculptors’ Guild, co-founder of the Peninsula Arts Council and co-founder and most recently, the Peninsula Art Foundation. The Peninsula Art Foundation supports ArtZone and AZ Gallery both located in the  Tanforan Mall, San Bruno. ArtZone is a collective of local artists from the San Bruno and South San Francisco areas. Ruth has left her legacy throughout San Mateo County and is now changing the art landscape of these two cities. She is currently represented by SIY Gallery in San Francisco. 

Nounie Siy of SIY Gallery in San Francisco and Stephen Seymour of the Peninsula Art Foundation will be seeking support for a permanent location in San Mateo County for the future Ruth Waters Museum. 
Ruth touched many in life and will continue to leave her legacy for years to come. 

Group Exhibition "Made With Serendipity" 

June 18 - July 20: AZ GALLERY

Ruth Water's Studio at Art Zone

         Feel free to stop by and view her work from the window.

Ruth Water's Celebration of Life

July 10th 2022 1 pm -4 pm AZ GALLERY


The Sculptor in her Studio 

by Bonny Zanardi

She lingers long hours
over rough block of sycamore, walnut, or cedar
smooth arms releasing
the light trapped within the felled stand of wood.
Deftly the hands shearing,
curls leap like fireflies,
the shavings abandon
their mission now done.
Surprising in history
brought to new tamperings, 
meaning a cool flame
discovered through time.
What girlish form laughed
cross a cinder track,
dashing, a daring thing,
like a sappling,
firm rooted,
Her face tells amazing things
wrapped in a vision 
sharing the power,
the power.