"Art of Healing" A Group Exhibition Exploring the Intersection of Art and Mental Health


A Group Exhibition Exploring the Intersection of Art and Mental Health

For this exhibition, Siy Gallery is looking for works by artists/photographers. Siy Gallery invites artists to submit images to be considered for our window and online exhibition.

Art provides the ability to capture a moment or memories of different aspects of mental health and healing. Siy Gallery is looking for works that will illuminate the power of narrative artwork as a tool for challenging stigma and discrimination associated with this cause. We are looking for work that shows your ingenuity, talent, heart, and perception of mental illness.

The “Art of Healing” photography exhibition will begin on April 3rd, 2021.  By putting the spotlight on artists who raise awareness of issues surrounding mental illness through their work, ‘The Art of Healing’ photography show will elevate the public’s awareness of mental illness. An exhibition of selected artists illuminates the power of narrative art as a tool for challenging stigma and the discrimination associated with mental illness. This exhibition will focus on photographs of various types of artwork which could include sculpture, painting, printmaking and traditional photography all captured in photograph that convey compelling visual narratives by artists.

The “Art of Healing” 2021 group exhibition on the intersection of fine art and the mental health 
This exhibition explores the therapeutic power of the creative process that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our mental health.

Through photography, painting, sculpture, written word, collage, artists chronicle their journeys from a variety of perspectives and offers powerful, visual portrayals from photographs of their artwork of the emotional impact associated with the mental health in our society.  The exhibition evokes a better understanding of the everyday challenges of those effected by mental illness, honors the lives and memories of those fighting the unbalanced mind and illustrates how art provides a sense of healing, belonging and relating in situations filled with uncertainty.

The exhibit includes:
Mike Pach Photography “Same Tree, Different Day -December 25, 2015”
Christine Polosky Collage with vintage paper “It Is What It Is- Isolation, Introspection and Divorce”
Roberto Hull Photography “Andrea 2, Washingtonville, NY- April 2017”
Oceane McCord Bronze Sculpture “In Tandem”
Robin Mullery concrete, roofers cement, and wire lathe on stretched canvas “Fault Line of Feeling”
Heather Schroeder Photography “Heather_Schroeder_Progress January 2019- September 2020”
Susan Teare Photography “Hope Happens”
Michael Endicott Photography “I am Here”
Gwynneth Green Photography and poetry “let me reflect”
Marisa Companion Oil on Canvas “Its been a Rough Year”
Ron Brown Photography “Facemask Required”
Kelli Watson Assemblage “Rage”
Liza Connell Collage “Self Portrait”
Alec Macleod Giclee “Locked In”
Veronica An 35mm film + processing chemicals “Erasure”
Lavely Miller-Kershman Acrylic on paper on canvas “Jail Tattoos”
Sonia Kahlon Photography “Barn”
Daniel Kilgore Soapstone Sculptures “Duality”
Leah Newton Acrylic on canvas “Liminal Beauty”
Angela Ridgway Acrylic photographic “just be here”

The “Art of Healing” group exhibition will be in our windows on the corner of Folsom street and Harriet street in San Francisco through April 30th.  Siy Gallery will be open by appointment only at 415 275 2066.

We would like to thank all the artists participating  in this journey who have opened their hearts and souls by sharing their creativity. They have allowed Siy Gallery a window into their lives, their struggles and their triumphs in helping create this special exhibition.