Elements of Nature

By putting the spotlight on artists who raise awareness of issues surrounding mental illness through their work, the "Elements of Nature" show will elevate the public’s awareness of this important cause. 

In nature there are different elements that make up all the ecosystems that we know. The Five elements of nature The main ones are earth, wood, fire, water and metal. This classification has its origin in traditional Chinese philosophy. They are tangible elements that are found in nature in its purest form. Philosophy has established a symbol on the complementary changing character that is present in all living beings and the environment that surrounds them.

The “Elements of Nature” exhibition will begin in September for our internal artists in Burlingame at Coconut Bay Restaurant. We will be looking for 10 new artists to join this exhibition in November for a month at our SF Gallery through Cafe. This exhibition will focus on various types of artwork which could include sculpture, painting, printmaking and traditional photography that convey compelling visual narratives by artists.

Ten new artists will be selected to exhibit in the group "Elements of Nature" exhibition in November. Our jury will select one winner from the twenty to have a future solo exhibition for five pieces for our San Francisco gallery.

Congratulations to the top 10 winning artists selected to join our  "Elements of Nature" group exhibition!

Kristen Brown Winner of the "Element of Nature"
"Versions of Truth" oil on canvas painting

Elizabeth Gargas
"Suicidal Deer" oil on canvas painting

Rinat Goren
"Multiple Moons" (Red) Encaustic collage

Michael Miner
"Gateless Gate, Part 1"
Silver Gelatin print struck from large format sheet film

Leah Newton
"The Pearl" Acrylic on canvas painting

Minami Oya
"Energy Portraiture in Black and White No.33"
Glass, acrylic 

Chris Palm
"Jordyn" photography- acrylic face mount

Tristan Partridge
"It Only Appears That Way On The Surface"
Photography (Digital)

Iris Rountree
Handmade paper, charcoal rubbings, tree branch, waxed twine sculpture 

Shannon Tallcouch
"Wave Painting" Oil on canvas painting

Submission Process:


• Open to all artists residing in the U.S.

* 2D and 3D 


SIZE:  2D work no larger than 40” x 40” and 3D work no taller than 7 ft.

• Original artwork produced in the last two years; subject matter must relate to the theme of the exhibition.

Selection Process & Notification:

All submitted works will be considered by a jury of committee members and evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Strength of public awareness and/or de-stigmatization narrative in art.
  • Artist's personal dedication to the cause of public awareness and/or de-stigmatization.

SHOW RUNS: Nov 1 to Dec 1, 2021

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, Nov. 20 6pm-9pm. Please contact us at 415 275-2066 to be on the guest list for this special private reception.  All guest must show proof of vaccination. 

Please note: Due to the influx of the delta variant and the renewed SF mask mandate we are requiring all guests show proof of full vaccination and are enforcing face coverings when not actively eating or drinking.